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U Brands Office Accessory Sets

Posted on Jan 10, 2023 by in Blog | 0 comments

U BRANDS Office Accessory Sets fresh fruit

Spotted the funnest little office accessory sets at my local Walmart!  Which is your fave?! They’re just $7.88 each and I’ve linked them over on if you wanna check local stock and purchase for pickup.

U BRANDS Stationery Sets, Fresh Fruit, Multi-Color, 81 Count

U BRANDS Desk Stationery Sets, Pop Floral, Multi-Color, 81 Count

U BRANDS Home Grown Desk Stationary Set, Multi-Color, 81 Count

Shopping Tip! These are in-store only so if the link isn’t working or they’re showing out of stock, try changing store locations if you have another one close by you can check.

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