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Starbucks Reusable Cups

Posted on Oct 15, 2018 by in Blog | 0 comments

Do I have any @starbucks fanatics out there?! I like the idea of these reusable cups! And if you use them in participating Starbucks stores you’ll get ten cents off of your beverage! Grab them in-store for $8.94 for a pack of six! Also available in other colors, links below!

These are found in-store only: Starbucks 16oz Reusable Cups 6Pk – White ChevronStarbucks 16oz Reusable Cups 6Pk Red GeoStarbucks 16oz Reusable Cups 6Pk Dots

These are available online: Starbucks 16oz Reusable Cups 5-Pack Navy or White

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