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Nestle Water and Box Tops for Education

Posted on Apr 9, 2019 by in Blog | 0 comments

Calling all mamas! #ad Did you know you can now find Box Tops on these fun Nestlé Pure Life 8oz. bottles with SpongeBob packaging?! Grab them in-store @walmart or add them to your next online grocery order and help support your school! @nestlepurelifeusa sources their water from wells or municipal supplies, then put it through a 12-step quality process. This means that it meets strict standards for bottled water. And you can be sure to enjoy the same crisp, clean taste wherever you pick up a bottle. Nestlé also enhances their purified water with a light blend of minerals for a distinctive, refreshing taste everyone can enjoy. No wonder it’s the #1 bottled water globally. #NestlePureLifeBoxTops

Check local stock here: Nestle Pure Life Water at Walmart

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