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The Good Bean Balsamic Herb Favas + Peas

Posted on Aug 28, 2018 by in Blog | 0 comments

My little one loves these @thegoodbeansnacks Balsamic Herb Favas + Peas and mama loves that they’re packed full of protein for a healthy back-to-school snack! They’re also a finalist in the Eco-Excellence Awards under the Nutrition and Gluten-Free category! Grab some in select @Walmart stores for $2.98 and then head below for the link to vote for them for best gluten-free snack! #ad #thegoodbean #votegoodbean

Vote for The Good Bean Balsamic Herb Favas + Peas here under the Nutrition/Gluten Free category:  Eco Excellence Awards Voting

You can also vote for the Classic Hummus Chickpeas under the Food & Feeding/Toddler Snacks category.

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