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Time and Tru Striped “Hello” Sweater

Posted on Jan 1, 2019 by in Blog | 14 comments

Hello 2019! ? I’m loving this fun striped sweater found in-store for $11.86! Haven’t found it online yet, but I will keep you posted!

Shop more Time and Tru online here: Time and Tru at Walmart


  1. Love! I need this!!!!

  2. Tell me if you find

  3. I need this sweater! Have you found it online yet?

    • Not yet! Hopefully soon!

  4. I recently purchased this sweater in a Walmart store! very soft and fits wonderful but could not find it online

    • what part of the country are you guys where you are finding it in stores??

      • I’m in NC but I’ve seen this sweater in-store in FL and NC!

  5. I saw this in a Colorado Springs store. There were only 2 and they were both XL sizes. I have searched on and am not seeing them online. Sure hope they become available! LOVE <3 The grey stripe with pink hearts on the elbows is also super cute.

  6. Anyone have the item number?

    • I think these are the sku numbers:




      The sales tags say “TT Word Sweater” on all of them near the barcode. I hope this helps.

  7. I found the Hello one and Cheerful one on Mercari and there is currently an XXL on poshmark for sale!

  8. Update, I have five listed for sale on Mercari, multiple styles and sizes;)

  9. I have multiple for sale on above listed site!

  10. How many different designs are there? I managed to get the hello sweater (pictured), the cheerful sweater with yellow stripes, and a grey and white stripe sweater with mint/light blue hearts on the elbows. Are there any other designs? I wonder why they aren’t on So sad!

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