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Easy-Peasy Baby Long Sleeve Sweatshirt and French Terry Sweatpants

Posted on Sep 3, 2023 by in Kids | 0 comments

Easy-Peasy Baby Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, French Terry Sweatpants

Walmart is not playing with these baby sweats 🔥 These sweatshirts & french terry pants are so cuddly and come in sizes 0-24M! I have them linked below if you wanna shop them now and get a closer look on my Reel!

Available online in a set and sold separately in-store.

easy-peasy Baby Terry Cloth Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Outfit Set, 2-Piece, Sizes 0-24M

easy-peasy Baby Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, Sizes 0-24 Months

easy-peasy Baby French Terry Sweatpants, Sizes 0-24 Months

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