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Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources

Posted on Sep 17, 2018 by in Blog | 0 comments

This post is sponsored by Mirium, but opinions expressed are my own.

Calling all mamas with school-age kids! Meet our new friend Botley, a robot that introduces coding to children as young as 5! You can find him in select Walmart locations for $69 and right now Ibotta is offering $15 cash back if you purchase him in-store! Read about our experience with Botley below and click this link to learn more: Botley the Coding Robot | Learning Resources

I knew my daughter would love Botley so I was really excited that we got the opportunity to try this coding toy out and it did not disappoint! As soon as we took him out of the box my daughter was obsessed! I love that with a simple remote he had her coding in no time.

With the 77 piece set and two modes (line following and coding) it’s fun and easy to create multiple tasks for Botley to do.

Line mode is easy and great for beginners. We created a black path for him to follow with some of the larger cards that are included. Simply turn him on to line mode, set him down on the black line, push the round button on his back, and watch him go! You can also create your own path by drawing thick black lines on white paper.

Coding mode is as simple as following a few cards and typing them in to the remote, pushing transmit and watching him perform the task! The tasks can include anything from navigating an obstacle course with the supplied interactive obstacles or moving objects with Botley’s detachable arms! As your children get used to the coding aspect, they can start creating more advanced codes; this is great because it allows Botley to grow with them.

We all struggle with screen time, just like any parent these days, and I love that Botley offers hours of screen free play time! He teaches a hands-on approach to learning and problem solving. We all rely so much on technology these days and I think that it is important for our kids to develop interests in STEM learning and Botley does just that! He is also on this year’s list of  “2018 Parent’s Choice Awards” under the toy category!

My daughter has had so much fun playing with Botley and I think your kids will too! He’ll certainly be a popular Christmas gift for children ages 5-9 this year, so head to Walmart and use that Ibotta offer and grab one while you can!

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