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Better Homes & Gardens Citronella Candles

Posted on Apr 28, 2023 by in Blog | 0 comments

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella Candles

These citronella candles were too pretty not to share! Which design is your fave?! They smell great too, with scents of eucalyptus, citron and lavender + you can repurpose as a planter when the candle is gone! They’re only $10.98 each and I’ve linked them all over on below if you wanna shop them now and you can get a closer look at them in-store here!

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Mint Leaf, and Eucalyptus 12oz Scented Candle, Green Arches

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Mango, and Citron 15oz Scented Candle, Off-White Terrazzo

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Blue Lavender, and Cedar 12.4oz Scented Candle, Gray Footed

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