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  1. We picked this up at Walmart but don’t know what to do with the black iron hook thingy for? Can’t find any instructions in the box or on line

    • Lol I bought 2 of them and I’m having the same problem. I can’t figure out what the metal peice is for. I’m with you. I would love to see a vid on one of these. But, they are very nice.

  2. I have 2 of these and cant get the remote to work.

    • I can’t get my remotes to work either. Is it crazy to think they might also be solar powered? They have a little panel in the back that makes me wonder. I’m going to leave them in the sun tomorrow and see.
      (Also have no clue what to do with the metal hook things).

      • I believe I figured out the metal piece. You put the cord into the two small hooks. I believe it’s for relieving tension on the cord. The ring on the other end would be used for hanging on a hook.

  3. The metal hook thingy is for cord length adjustment.

  4. Instructions would be appreciated!

  5. I have been looking for this outdoor light and I can find any in stock. Do you have any suggestions?

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